Footrot Gene Marker Test



We currently gene test all our breeding sires as well as those Rams who are chosen to put up for Auction. 

While the result will not influence our use of a otherwise suitable breeding sire, it will influence the ewes we choose to mate them with.

We are very pleased to have bred in 2013, Tawhai 13 / 2013 who has a (1,3) foot score and Tawhai 311 /2013 (1,3) and have purchased a Coleford ram 513 / 2013 who is also a (1,3) foot score.  In 2014 we have bred Tawhai 60 / 2014 (1,3) and Tawhai 876 / 2014 (1,2) as well as purchasing Auchenfold 34 / 2013 (1,2). We plan to us these unrelated rams to assist our flock to increase the number of 1s within the ewe flock. 

It would appear within New Zealand Suffolks their are not many Sires with a foot score containing a 1.

Below is a link to a information brochure on foot scoring produced by Lincoln University.